Toso Wines

Environmental impact


The objective of being completely environmentally-friendly is not far and focuses on the one hand on the production of energy from renewable sources for their productive necessities, and on the other hand on the total treatment of the production scraps that are released in the environment. 

Respect for the territory

Since many years Toso S.p.A. has been active in the reduction of the environmental pollution caused by the production activities: Toso considers the respect for the territory, in particular for the wonderful hills that surround the company, as a primary objective for a firm that deals with the transformation of precious agricultural products as grapes.
The photovoltaic system for the production of electric energy permits to avoid the emission of tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere each year, the purifier of the firm permits the complete remediation of sewage and wastewater, the biomass heating system produces heat with biofuel, the systems of recycling recovers air and hot water produced by the machineries. All these have been important steps of the path. Thanks to its continuous quest of ways of being eco-friendly and sparing energy, Toso S.p.A. has obtained various certifications from the respective control agencies.

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