Toso Wines

The territory

The Langhe Hills

An endless web of hills and valleys is the substance and the form of this special area, Langhe.

Here, the vine and the wine have been at home from time immemorial.


The "white earth"

Inside the hill there is a solid but cozy ground, the “white earth”, made of calcareous marl and sometimes subtle infiltration of sand.

Over the hill, the vine has selected the best spaces, those where the effect of climate alternation between the beautiful and the perturbed weather better know how to regulate the behavior of plants from January to December each year and from sunrise to sunset each day.

The vine here has well-known and prestigious names: it is called Moscato or Barbera, Dolcetto or Cortese, Favorita and Chardonnay, Freisa, or naturally, Nebbiolo.

They are all vines trained to make wines of pleasant, fruity characters, able to withstand time and to show up every year with new and unrepeatable colours, scents and flavors.

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